Welcome to Acudeen

Turn your Account Receivables into Cash
within 5 days

Welcome to Acudeen


Finance in a safe and fix-return investment vehicle.
Finance receivables and instantly realize returns.

How It Works

Optimize your cash flow in a few of steps

1. Create an Account

2. Upload your Invoices

3. Receive your Payment

Customer Testimonials

“Since we partnered with Acudeen, the challenges of waiting at least 60-120 days that we experienced before are long gone. It only takes us 3-4 days to get our receivables now. And the good thing about this is we do not have to keep following up the payments with our clients, instead Acudeen will do that for us.”

- Ryan De Jesus
   Value Printing Solutions, Seller

“ACUDEEN is a great platform for all level of investors because it’s user-friendly and uncomplicated, a superb investment vehicle due to its flexibility on investment amount and most of all the people behind Acudeen are accomplished in their field so it’s a priviledge to partner with them in building our wealth.”

- Teody David

Diversify your Portfolio in a new Asset Class

1. Create an Account

Fill up the forms and upload personal documents for us to validate your identity.

2. Deposit your Funding

Deposit your Funding into Acudeen's Trust Facility.

3. Invoices

Bid for Invoices.

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