Welcome to Acudeen


Optimize your cashflows and turn your 30-60-90 day invoices to 7 days through Invoice Factoring.

Welcome to Acudeen


Finance in a safe and fix-return investment vehicle.
Finance receivables and instantly realize returns.

  • Optimized Cashflow
  • Improved Supply Chain
  • Safe and transparent
  • Higher yields
  • Fast returns
  • Safe and transparent

Why Acudeen?



Gain Access to Financing Opportunities that traditional banks cannot offer.

Diversify your Portfolio and profit from Investment Opportunities traditional banks cannot offer.


Receive your Cash within 7 days or less instead of up to 90 days.

Receive attractive rates on our short-term Investment Options. 1-3 month returns compared to 1-5 year holding period for bonds.


Manage your Financing Options easily in our Platform from anywhere in the world.

Bid for short-term Investments in our easy to use Platform from anywhere in the World.

Traditional Way

Cash within 30-90 days

Acudeen Way

Cash within 7 days

How It Works

Optimize your cash flow in a few of steps

1. Create an Account

Fill up the forms and upload necessary documents for us to understand more about your business.

2. Upload your Invoices

Choose the invoices you want to sell and upload them into the platform. We will verify them and notify you within 24 hours regarding its approval.

3. Receive your Payment

After approvcal, your invoice will be up for bidding for 48 hours. Finally, once the invoice is bought, you will already get the agreed amount for your invoice.

Diversify your Portfolio in a new Asset Class

1. Create an Account

Fill up the forms and upload personal documents for us to validate your identity.

2. Deposit your Funding

Deposit your Funding into Acudeen's Trust Facility.

3. Invoices

Bid for Invoices.

Our Partner

Customer Testimonials

ACUDEEN is a great platform for all level of investors because it’s user friendly and uncomplicated, a superb investment vehicle due to it’s flexibility on investment amount and most of all the people behind Acudeen are accomplished in their field so its a privilege to partner with them in building our wealth.

- Teody David (Investor)

I chose Acudeen because I believe and I trusted them. They have the sincerity, the Passion, and commitment to all the investors which for me, is the KEY for the success. A KEY that will lead them to all future investors. And lastly, this is another gateway for generating extra income. Keep it up, Acudeen Team!

- Ronnie Billones (Investor)