Christmas Business Ideas

5 Best Business Ideas This Christmas Season

Out with the Halloween, in with the Christmas; say goodbye to pumpkins and ghosts and say hello to magical lights!

We all know that Christmas is the season of giving, but don’t forget that it is also the best season to make money!

Get busy and be up-to-date with these 5 best ideas for your business during this season:

1. Christmas Delicacies

Christmas Delicacies

We Filipinos are known to really love food. Whether it’s native, Chinese, Japanese, American, or even Korean. And Christmas is the season for pigging out! As a food lover or “foodpreneur” yourself, delicacies can be one of your best targets this season! Some examples can be the famous hamon, queso de bola, puto bumbong, fruitcakes, fruit salads, cassava cakes, and leche flans. Make use of your cooking skills and sell them to your family or relatives, friends, and workmates. You can search or read step-by-step recipe tutorials if you don’t know how to make them. For a wider network, you can also post your finished product on your personal social media profile like Facebook and Instagram. Plus, you can also create your own Instagram business page if you like to! (click here for the tips!)

2. Gift Wrapping Services

Gift Wrapping Services

Do you have the talent for wrapping gifts? Well if you do, your service can help save time and convenience for your customers. A lot of people don’t have time to wrap gifts and would rather make time for more important or urgent things. With this, you could offer yourself and make extra income! You just need to have complete materials like gift wrappers, ribbons, attractive gift tags, scissors, and your creative skills!

3. Holiday Home Decor

Holiday Home Decoration

Do you have interior designing skills? Or you just love to decorate for the holidays? Why not turn it into a profitable business? One of the “Holiday Stress” homeowners face is the decoration of their houses, so why not lend a hand and make it as a sideline?

4. Christmas Toys and Gift Items

Christmas Gift Toys

Do you have friends who need gift ideas this season? Now it’s time for you to sell them toys and other gift items that they can give to their loved ones! Pro tip: Buy quality products in wholesale and sell them at retail prices. Just choose the right items for this season and you’re good to go!

5. Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards

Are you an artist at heart? Turn your skills into a card-making business. Make personalized Christmas Cards out of your creativity with a variety of themes, poetry, puns, and slogans. Just make use your creative juices and you can now make a profit! It can be both by digital which is sent via mail or social networking sites or make it handwritten which requires more effort but wrapped with much more sincerity…aww.

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