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5 Best Food Choices For Your Noche Buena Feast

Christmas is once again just around the corner, which means our tummies will be filled with food and drinks from family gatherings, reunions and Christmas parties. And while you are still deciding on the food and delicacies to bring in your dining table, we’ve got these tried-and-tested options that you can consider.

Ready your bellies because we’ll give you the 5 most sumptuous Noche Buena food that you’ll surely enjoy this Holiday season!

1. Christmas Ham

Christmas Ham

Christmas isn’t complete without this traditional dish because of the sweet and salty taste that it brings to the table. And as of today, one of the most popular go-to of Metro Manila people is in the heart of Quiapo.

We share to you this quality ham that you’ll surely love, the Excellente Ham!

Here’s their price list as of December 2016:

Excelente Ham Incorporated

Chinese Ham Sliced w/ Mixed Syrup- ₱ 1,200/kilo
Chinese Ham Sliced w/ Separate Syrup- ₱ 1,300/kilo
Bone-In Ham- ₱ 1,160/kilo
De-Bone Ham- ₱ 1,120/kilo
Pineapple Sweet Ham- ₱ 880/kilo
Pear Shape Ham Cooked- ₱ 760/kilo
Scrap Ham- ₱ 1,000/kilo

Source: The Foodie Geek

2. Barbeque


Every Filipino loves to eat this grilled dish. The fact that it is found everywhere in the streets, this is also rich in its smoky flavor because of the marination process. Barbecues are one of the most feel-good dishes in every meal, that’s why this is added in our Top 5 list.

And as a family legacy that’s been passed down through generations, Aling Nene’s Barbeque is the one food store that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

Their pork barbeque price ranges from ₱40.00 to ₱ 65.00. They also have barbeque combos that are worth the try!

Source: Zomato

3. Lechon


Every gathering is not complete without this dish. Hailed as the “grandest of them all”, this roasted pig is packed with a flavor that will definitely take crunchiness to the next level.

One of the best lechons in the Metro, this classic Negros-style lechon is infused with garlic, curry, and lemongrass that makes it tasty enough even without the sauce. Get it in General’s lechon now!

Here’s their lechon pricelist as of 2017:

Cochinillo (4.5-6kg) for 6-8pax, ₱ 6,300
Small (8.5-10kg) for 15-20pax, ₱ 7,000
Regular (11-12.5kg) for 25-30pax, ₱ 7,500
Medium (13.5-15kg) for 30-40pax, ₱ 8,500
Large (17-20kg) for 40-50pax, ₱ 9,200
Xlarge (21-25kg) for 50-60pax, ₱ 9,900
Jumbo (26-30kg) for 70+pax, ₱ 10,300

For Cochinillo flavor: add ₱ 250 for garlic; ₱ 300 for chili garlic and ₱ 350 for curry. For whole lechon flavor: add ₱ 500 for garlic; ₱ 600 for chili garlic and P650 for curry.

For more information, contact 0917 8532466 (8-lechon), 0917 7048070, 0917 5530600 or (02) 6641700

Source: General’s Lechon

4. Buko Salad

Buko Salad

Looking for Pinoy desserts? Why not salads? During Filipino feasts like Noche Buena, we usually see salads as desserts. These are mainly composed of fruit cocktails, nata de coco, kaong, buko, homemade gelatins, and made by sweeter by cream and condensed milk.

Follow this simple recipe that will take just 15 minutes or less of your work:


1-kilo grated buko (coconut meat)
2 small cans fruit cocktail, drained
1 small bottle red kaong, drained
1 small bottle white nata de coco, drained
1 300g Nestle Cream
1 can condensed milk


Combine buko, fruit cocktail, kaong and nata de coco in a bowl. Set aside.
In a separate bowl, combine Nestle Cream and condensed milk. Toss the prepared fruit salad ingredients into the prepared cream.
Chill for at least 4 hours before serving.

Source: Nestle

5. Spaghetti


Birthdays, random celebrations, and almost every Filipino celebrations have spaghettis as an additional meal to the table. Made with cheese, ground beef or pork, tomato sauce, and selected spices, this treat will definitely fill your stomach with a sweet-salty taste of this originally-Italian recipe. It will also depend on your taste and choice of style.

Spaghetti Sauce This spaghetti from Pancake House will definitely crave you for more pasta treat!

You can also buy their 1-kilo spaghetti sauce in a jar for ₱ 890.00!

Source: Pancake House

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Happy Holidays!

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