7 Reasons Why We Choose Stellar

7 Reasons Why We Choose Stellar

In the beginning, it was not easy to decide between Stellar over other crypto-currencies. We projected the AssetChain ecosystem as fast, safe, capital-efficient and flexible platform that is why we came up with the “7 lumens commandments” that will support our decision.

Usain Bolt 1st: Think about Usain Bolt stamped XLM:

We use the fundamentals of Stellar which is primarily a payment solution platform. We are confident that we can use Stellar for large volumes of transactions because the average settlement time is just five seconds to execute and secure confirmation.

2nd: The added-value of SDEX:

Stellar is not dependent on the third-party exchanges to list all the tokens because their built-in distributed exchange will allow you to record your token yourself as you issue it which is effective and efficient. That means all transactions and tokens can be traded on day one.

Safe 3rd: The security component:

With Stellar Network, you have the possibility to freeze your tokens in the event of misuse. This will therefore ensure proper use of tokens issued, and does not require complicated efforts to sort out compromised situations.

4th: Stellar is regulatory-ready:

On Stellar, token-issuers have the possibility to restrict the addresses who hasn’t passed KYC/AML screening, on primary market and secondary market. In other words, ACU issuers will have the ability to stay KYC/AML compliant and control who will be able to hold, buy and sell ACUs, on both primary and secondary markets (throughout the entire life of ACU!).

Validation 5th: It’s cost-efficient:

Stellar is cheaper than any bank when it comes to transaction cost. For example, roughly 100,000 transactions cost less than $0.01 because no fees are required to be paid to third-party exchanges for transactions. With a lower transaction cost, it can facilitate the development of a liquid market in our ACU Tokens.

6th: It’s highly adopted:

Also, the adoption is picking up and especially in Asian markets and across other emerging markets around the world. Take a look how many people are google-ing “buy/sell stellar” lately.
Stellar Community:


Team Behind 7th: The team behind Stellar:

We would like to thank Stellar A-Team who invested a lot of time and effort and who has been supportive since the beginning of this project!

If you want to know more on what makes Stellar a best match for an ICO: https://www.stellar.org/blog/using-stellar-for-ico/

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