A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace

Being a graduate of Culinary Arts and a professional Culinarian of 5 years, I stepped into sales truly outside the box looking in, but what gave me the drive to do great? 2 things.

One is that need to prove that I can excel in other fields other than Culinary, second is the moment I found out about the good Acudeen does for the SME’s, I instantly believed in the company, the product, and the people. I admit I am a very talkative and confident guy, but I started out in the company like that shy foreign exchange student asking myself, “ what is this I got myself into?.” For the life of me, I thought about leaving, until a friend and a colleague of mine said the right words, which up to this day I still tell the new accounts officers almost everytime. “ it’s not hard to sell our product, people need us.” He was absolutely right, like in any other sales force, all you need to do is learn your product, learn your process and deliver with confidence.

Since then, I’ve felt so comfortable talking and getting to know these different business owners, learning about their problems, their aspirations for their companies and the desperate times and their difficult choices. Knowing, that you are the solution they have been looking for, gives you a great pride, and knowing you have helped these companies, gives you great fulfillment.

But like everything else, sales do not come empty-handed. The work comes with its problems and challenges. Sales in Acudeen is definitely a great deal of pressure for numerous reasons. This is not technically a material thing you are selling, you are looking for people that need help with their cash flow, and it is our job to help them manage. Simply put the life of their business rests upon the help of our sales team, it is with our help that they would survive and grow, and that feeling of their trust placed upon you is both great and pressuring, it’s a different guilt, not being able to sell their receivables. Sometimes it may also be hard not being able to fulfill their requests, knowing that our mission and vision is to help out the SME’s but we can’t cater to their request to lower their rates, we have to manage both sides of the coin, both buyers and sellers, and there are times that being fair to both is something they do not approve of.

Nonetheless, the Filipino people are understanding and are compassionate, because a lot of times sellers and buyers give way, and because of this, we have seen a lot of business bloom, a lot of business owners showing gratitude and a lot more on their way, and it goes without showing that we are proud to have been the catalyst for these effects.

My Goal for the 4the quarter is pretty simple, help out those we can. It’s not a secret a lot of our funders have paused from buying receivables and are now liquidating their funds, but the sales team are tirelessly working to help out the business owners of this country. We have created deals and partnerships to further strengthen this cause and I am confident we will be able to achieve just that. For 2019, I aim for the Sales team to double our digits this year since at year end we are projected to have sold 500M PHP, next year we will exhaust all efforts to land 1B PHP in receivables funded. Our Sales team is comprised of unique individuals with solid drive and I am confident we will achieve what we aim to.

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