Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

November was a very busy month for the Accounts Team, but we managed to sell more than 100 million worth of receivables with no signs of slowing down. The Accounts Team have gelled together and are working well individually.

I would like to commend one of our Senior Sales Manager Belinda Bobiles for having the highest sales for the month of November and for maintaining great relationships with her clients.

Managing relationships. This is what separates our company from all the rest. We value what we have with our clients.

Our Accounts Team, together with the Investor Relations Officers are the front-liners of our operations. They keep the relationships with our clients healthy, which is very vital in our process, and a great lesson that our CEO, Magellan Fetalino has taught us.

Another huge milestone the Accounts team has achieved was the closing of the Department of Agriculture as a payor by my collaboration with one of our Accounts Officers Patricia Carlota, giving us the opportunity to help out more Small and Medium Enterprises in the Agriculture sector.

December will be a huge challenge for us as buyers are liquidating their funds. Moving forward, we will help out brothers and sisters in operations by looking for qualified buyers and sellers. Rest assured, the team will work tirelessly to accomplish the mission and vision of the company.

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