Your Ideal Workplace

Acudeen: Your Ideal Workplace

Every start-up company offers a unique working environment for its employees. While there’s no perfect formula for the best company to work at, Acudeen believes that being happy at work is not magic – it must be intentional.

Being young, Acudeen seizes opportunities with courage and excitement. Our eyes are geared towards growth and our heart focused on building healthy relationships. We are also guided by our core values which are: selfless, innovative, fearless, compassionate and accurate.

For someone who is looking for a new working environment where career opportunities are endless, Acudeen is worth checking out.

Sounds good?

Well here, I share to you the top three reasons why you’re going to love working here with us!

1. We are a growing family

We Are Growing Family Since 2016, we grew to a 57-member team and still growing. It’s always a privilege to work with a promising company, where your teammates become a family. Acudeen is where you meet exceptionally creative people with brilliant minds in financial technology. We believe that when our internal relationships grow, the company grows too.

We Empower Each Other 2. We empower each other

Fueled by our core values, Acudeen encourages all its employees to lift one another. We offer a helping hand to new employees. We open doors for suggestions and improvements. We make sure opinions are heard and valued. Our key leaders act as facilitators of development, not dictators of rules and regulations. We believe all of us are accountable to Acudeen’s vision so we choose to work as one team to make the vision attainable.

3. We empower others

We Empower Others We heard these many times – “You can’t give what you don’t have.” Thus, Acudeen works from inside out. We empower each other so we can serve the SMEs well. We know that it takes the whole team to fulfill our company’s mission to accelerate the growth of SMEs through technology and alternative finance. We delight in hearing success stories from our dear clients about how Acudeen has helped them grow as a business.

How about perks at work?

Working at Acudeen entitles you to have:

  • 1 day per month Work from Home privilege
  • HMO and Personal Accident Insurance upon regularization
  • Acudeen Hoodie jacket upon your first day of work
  • Meet industry experts and business icons
  • Seminars and workshops about entrepreneurship, technology, and career growth!

You might wonder if when is the best time to start working in this promising industry.

Well, our answer is very simple…

Now is the best time for you to work at Acudeen Technologies. Welcome aboard!

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