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Business Ideas That You Can Start for Just 10,000

Dare to manage your own business? We all do, right? And do you know that you don’t need a lot of capital for you to start your own business? Yes, you’ve read it right. With just ₱10,000 there is an opportunity that you can explore and learn!

To help you out, here are some of the businesses that you can consider:

Food Cart Food Cart Business – If you pass through the markets, side streets and even in your neighborhood, you will notice that there are small kiosks with a lot of people in it. Did you ask yourself why? Well, simply speaking, Filipinos are fond of eating street foods! Considering that there are already well-known food kiosks here in the Philippines, you don’t have to worry about it because you can still make your own home-made products. With its taste and affordability, People will definitely support your business.

Steamer for Siomai – ₱1,500
Ingredients – ₱3,500
Other Materials – ₱1,000
Food Kiosk – ₱4,000

Sari Sari Store Sari-Sari Store – Are you tired of going back and forth in the grocery store just to buy the things that you needed? If you have a vacant space at your home, then this is one of the best marketing opportunities that you can use for you to put your own sari-sari store and you can also be the supplier of the daily necessities around your area.

Redesigning of Area — ₱3,000
Inventory/Goods — ₱6,000
Other Expenses — ₱1,000

Make Up Makeup Services – We all know this famous expression called “make up is life”. Nowadays, people are fond of doing “art” on their faces, even doing makeup tutorial blogs and makeup transformations that are posted online, both by celebrities and ordinary people. Viral posts or not, makeup and makeup artists today are in-demand for different events like birthdays, cosplay, school programs, plays, weddings, photoshoots and some people are putting make up on for everyday use. And if you are one of those skilled makeup enthusiasts, then you can invest in this kind of business. All you have to do is to purchase good quality makeup that can cost you less that 10,000 pesos, build your network and you’re good to go.

Vanity Mirror – ₱ 3,000
Makeup Set Box — ₱ 4,000
Make Up Supply — ₱ 3,000

Online Shop Online Shop – Through the power of modern technology like internet and gadgets like smartphones and laptops, you can take advantage of using these to start your business. All you need is a stable internet connection and think of a specific product that you wanted to sell. There are available online marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada and Instagram where you can register and use for you to sell and market your chosen product. Example products are clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products and phone accessories.

Internet Connection – ₱2,000
Inventory – ₱6,000
Other expenses (like transportation) – ₱2,000

These are just the common businesses that you can see around you. And there’s a lot more you can discover! Just find one that works for you, learn some business strategies and grow as you invest your time and effort with your own hands. It may sound risky considering that there are already well-established companies, but just believe in your passion, focus on meeting your goal and nothing will be impossible!

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