Consistent Cash Flow for Business Growth Through Acudeen

Consistent Cash Flow for Business Growth Through Acudeen

So, you already have your own thriving business and a number of loyal customers.

You are now thinking of ways to make your business grow.

But there’s this one big problem: YOU ARE LOW ON CASH.

And you must know this number one rule as an entrepreneur: NEVER RUN OUT OF CASH.

Imagine yourself working 80 hours per week to make sure you provide quality products and services to your clients, but you realize you don’t have enough cash on hand as payments from clients will come after 30-90 days.

You may gain good margins on the product or service that you sell, but that doesn’t mean you’re in good hands.

That is why maintaining steady cash flow is a top priority in order for your business to grow consistently. As a matter of fact, most businesses lack access to financing which would have helped owners reinvest in expanding their business or funding other projects.

Even known well-established businesses need steady cash flow in order for their company to run smoothly. They say that “cash is king” and by that, it is the most important part of every business, in both startups and established ones.

The good news is, you don’t need to worry because we’re here to help you.

For you to be able to achieve your vision, here are some information on what Acudeen can do for you:

Acudeen is the pioneer for receivables discounting in Southeast Asia and they focus on helping your business increase cash flow.

To know more about receivables discounting and its benefits, refer to the images below:

What is an invoice


Benefits of Invoice Financing

With the use of your 30 to 120-day term invoices, you can receive your payments in advance, as early as 5 days without the need to submit for a collateral and maintaining balance.

For more information, here are the business documents needed for invoice discounting:

Documents needed for invoice discounting

Now you know what you need for a consistent cash flow. Put all this information to work for you! Register now in our online marketplace and see the difference!

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