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Acudeen Funders earn as much as 2.5% per month through the online marketplace!


As an Acudeen Funder, enjoy the benefit of higher and fixed earnings within 1-3 months whenever you buy invoices. Reach your financial goals faster by becoming an Acudeen Funder!

Higher returns than bank deposit products

It has an average annual return of 15-25%

Shorter than bonds

Invoice payment terms ranges between 1 to 3 months only

Fixed earning

Acudeen’s online marketplace allows you to dictate a fixed discount rate on your chosen invoices, ensuring fixed earnings compared to the volatile stock market

Low risk on buying invoices

All invoices have been verified before uploading into the marketplace, therefore provides lower risk compared to stocks

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How Does It Work?

Through our online platform for receivables discounting, we are able to bridge the gap between SMEs who’s looking for easier and affordable financing solutions, and people like you who have excess funds that are looking for alternative ways of earning. Making business or personal financial growth and freedom possible for everyone.


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With all the income generating streams available in the market, the big question is no longer “how to earn”, but where to place our money with the highest return, lowest risk, and a fixed yield. With the help of technology and a team carefully assessing each invoice being offered, buying invoices is now one of the best, safest, and fastest ways to grow your money.

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Our goal is simple, to make financial growth possible for all types of individuals and enterprises. The marketplace data not only represents how far we’ve come as a company, but it also shows how many SMEs and Funders we were able to support bring closer to their financial goals.


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