How Team Leaders Face Priorities

How Team Leaders Face Priorities

Professional Juggler Have you seen a professional juggler? He is the one who keeps two or more objects in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them. You can see them in a circus or entertainment show. They are highly skillful. But, before they mastered the tricks, for sure, they spent a significant number of hours practicing.

How does it relate with your life as an employee?

We all have 24 hours a day. No one is given much more nor given less. The only difference is what we do with what we have. The balls represent our priorities or responsibilities as an aspiring team leader. When we were younger, we juggle at least 2 balls. Let’s say, education and family. As we get older, life gives us more balls. We’ll have our relationships, work, life goals, hobbies, needs, economic status and so on.

Now, little by little, we learn how to juggle the balls in our hand. With excellent eye contact on the balls and footwork, we can perfectly juggle 2 or 3 balls. But, as life gets complicated and as life gives us more balls to juggle, we might miss a ball or two.

Do these when you drop a ball off your hands:

1. Pick it up and juggle again.

Pick it up Most young employees are worried if they are doing the right thing. They somehow feel that they have to impress their superiors to look good and earn respect. The more they want to keep all things in order, the more mistakes they commit. Then, facing the consequences can be more difficult. However, team leaders who have been through a lot of failures before, face difficulties with much confidence. They simply pick themselves up when they drop a ball.

2. Master the balance.

Master the balance Team leaders know their limitations. They’ve learned how to say “NO” if they need to. Juggling 2 balls in the air can be easy but the moment we add another ball on the sequence, it will require a different demand of attention and focus. Balancing work requires serious commitment. The proof of having a proper balance of responsibilities is a remarkable performance.

3. Dropped a ball? Go back to number 1.

Restart Button Being more experienced, team leaders drop a ball in a longer period of time. Sometimes, none in a year. However, if the added responsibility is bigger than the others, there’s a chance to make a mistake, to drop a ball and fail in the sequence. With no hesitation, a team leader quickly responds by pushing the restart button. It’s time to go back to square one and do better.

At Acudeen, we allow our employees to learn from their mistakes. We provide that elusive working environment where they can discover what makes them happy while doing their job well. With the guidance of our well-equipped and passionate team leaders, anyone in the team can accomplish great results and make a difference – in and out of office, at any given time.

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