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Payment Practices in Philippines by Product Sector

Source: dun&bradstreet Payment Study 2016

Invest in Alternative Financing

Investing in invoices grants you the capacity to deploy short term capital into a marketplace involved in invoice exchange that ensures a protected online environment and high return rate structure.

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Your Key Benefits
  • 1 Diversify your portfolio in an new asset class
  • 2 Acudeen provides an opportunity to invest in a safe and
    fix return investment vehicle than traditional investments.
  • 3 Directly monitor the status of the invoices you funded
  • 4 Our Trust facility enables a trustworthy platform where
    all desposits and withdrawal of invoice payments are secured
    and where information is transparent

Bid For Invoices On Our Platform!

1. We will help you to create your account in the Acudeen Platform.

2. Fund your Trading Account through our Trust Facility.

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4. Once you win the bidding, the discounted invoice amount will be instantly deducted from your wallet.

5. When invoices get settled, invested amount plus returns will be reflected in your wallet.