About This Project


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Help in designing a foundation with processes that minimize ad-hoc steps in recurring analysis.
  • Monitor and measure trends in data to determine key risks and success stories.
  • Translate complex analyses and insights into management-friendly and platform users reports and recommendations
  • Create and maintain dashboards against key KPIs
  • Provide support for ad-hoc requests
  • Main up-to-date documentation of reports and analyses



  • BS degree in Business, Management, Accounting, Economics, Computer Science, Math or Statistics
  • Working knowledge in relational databases, reporting, business intelligence and data visualization application
  • Working knowledge in office applications such as MS Office or Google Docs
  • SQA Engineer design, develop and execute manual and automated test and define corrective action ensuring product quality. He reviews system requirements and track quality assurance metrics (ex. Defect densities and open and defect counts)