Full Stack Engineer

About This Project

Full Stack Engineer possesses skills in wide array of technologies and databases. He is knowledgeable in all aspect of web development, analyze and develop requirements into functional, maintainable, neat, testable, high-performant applications.



  • Maintain and improve RESTful services and micro services applications
  • Transition between frontend development, client-side and server-side business logic implementation, write unit and functional tests, and manage the deployment.
  • Implement and use continuous integration and delivery technologies; at an expert level and ability to teach others best practices.
  • Investigate issues at every level of the stack; debug a web application single-handedly from the browser all the way through the transport, through the application and servers and databases and asynchronous queues and logs and dumps;



  • BS degree in Computer Science, engineering, mathematics or other technical field
  • Proven experience as a full-stack developer
  • Proven experience in architecting and building RESTful and micro services and high volume, scalable web applications from end to end
  • Hates slow applications; code quality, continuous improvement, performance and scalability mean something to you
  • Motivation to understand the business and our users, their requirements and delivering result beyond expectations
  • Passion for technology advancement and continuous learning


  • RESTful API development, micro services
  • OSS-focused: Python, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Docker, Linux, nginx, Thrift, Redis, Sequelize, Mongoose, MongoDB, MS SQL, Linux, Azure services
  • Microsoft-focused: ASP.NET MVC, Webapi, Entity Framework, Windows Services, Windows Server, MS SQL, SQL Azure, Azure services
  • ReactJS/Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap