Refer - Acudeen
Acudeen is an online platform for receivables discounting. Our technology allows businesses to sell their receivables to our network of investors enabling them to receive funds ahead of time.
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Refer Sellers!

In Acudeen, we connect Sellers of receivables to Buyers willing to invest. Know SMEs, who might be interested in our services? Refer them now and earn a commission! Sign up for a FREE Account to know how!

How to be a Referrer

  • Create an Account with Acudeen Technologies

    Step 1

    Create your FREE Account in the Acudeen online platform to generate Referrer Code.

  • Acudeen Complete Your KYC

    Step 2

    Complete your KYC Documents. Click the button below to download the list of requirements.

  • Step 3

    Using our platform, input Sellers you wish to refer.

  • Step 4

    Referred Sellers will need to sell receivables within 60 days to be credited.

  • Withdraw your funds at Acudeen Platform

    Step 5

    Withdraw your earnings upon payment of purchased invoices.