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Acudeen - Online platform enabling SMEs to fund their receivables ahead of time.
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Sell Invoices NOW!

Tired of waiting to get paid for your services? Selling your accounts receivables in our platform enables you to receive your funds within days!

How to be a Seller

  • Create an Account with Acudeen Technologies

    Step 1

    Create your FREE Account in the Acudeen online platform.

  • Acudeen Complete Your KYC

    Step 2

    Complete your KYC Documents. Click the button below to download the list of requirements.

  • Upload your invoice at Acudeen

    Step 3

    Upload your accounts receivables and sell it in our platform!

  • Receivables funded in Acudeen will be on your e-wallet.

    Step 4

    Once the receivables have been funded, the amount will be reflected in your e-wallet.

  • Withdraw your funds at Acudeen Platform

    Step 5

    Withdraw your earnings upon payment of your purchased invoices.

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