The Importance of Business Partnerships as a Fintech Innovator

The Importance of Business Partnerships as a Fintech Innovator

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

As a Fintech Innovator, we seek new approaches to grow our company through dynamic partnerships. This allows us the opportunity to further grow and innovate our products and services.

Incumbent companies and FinTech’s collaboration benefits both sides. Though big companies already have the resources and huge customer base, they’d still need the innovation and technology of Fintechs in order to improve customer experience and stay true to their needs.

Here are the three key factors that will shape the success of this collaboration:

1.  It can expand network reach

Partnerships put you in a position to reach a new audience and potentially increase your customer base. Big and incumbent companies that have thousands or millions of subscribers help Fintech companies to a much wider audience and reach.

2. It can increase knowledge and resource sharing

Incumbent companies have the capital and infrastructure resources while Fintechs have the technical innovations. Collaboration between the two brings the best out of both worlds.

3. It can further develop technology platform

Being a technical collaboration instrument, this would provide data and assistance to partners in helping them improve data management for improved planning and business development.

Being young, Acudeen has already achieved a lot, inspired by our mission to provide financial inclusion and growth for small and medium businesses in Southeast Asia.

Acudeen is a peer-to-peer financial technology company that enables small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to finance their receivables as early as 5 days. We’ve seen the benefits of business partnerships firsthand. We’ve been working with big and incumbent companies like Openport, Unionbank GlobalLinker, and IBM.

With the same goal and vision for helping Small and Medium Enterprises in their needs, here are Acudeen’s recent partnerships:

Partnership with Openport

Openport is a technology company that provides blockchain enabled electronic-proof of delivery and transport management solution for MSMEs. Their secured blockchain technology helps businesses to access rapid and affordable financing for their freight and goods invoices through a partnership with Acudeen.

Learn more about Acudeen and Openport: Bridging The Gap Between Supply Chain Risk and Cashflow of SMEs Nationwide

Partnership with Unionbank GlobalLinker

Unionbank’s GlobalLinker is a free digital platform to help entrepreneurs network and grow globally. GlobalLinker offers personalized e-commerce store with inventory management and analysis tools for convenient and easy to use tracking and reporting that also connects entrepreneurs for free through their website. Being an affiliate partner of Unionbank GlobalLinker allows us to extend our services to the thousands of businesses within the platform.

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Partnership With IBM

Lately, we’ve been working with one of the premier technology companies who help governments, businesses, and people through business consulting and cutting-edge technology development. They work in Cloud, ArtificiaI Intelligence, mobile and enterprise applications, the blockchain, security, health care and anything that involves technology.

This partnership will be a pivotal moment for the innovation of Acudeen’s platform.

To follow the latest news between Acudeen and IBM, kindly refer to this video:

Road to being Customer First with IBM

Acudeen and IBM is developing something amazing for our users!! Watch out for more updates as we continue to develop game changing solutions for MSMEs financial inclusion.#Acudeen #IBM #Assetchain #SMEFinancing #BusinessFinanceGo to to know more!

Acudeen 發佈於 2018 年 8 月 22 日 星期三

“The financial services landscape is becoming increasingly diverse as FinTechs develop new technologies and business models to woo customers away from incumbent financial services institutions. Both parties are, however, finding that partnerships in many instances create mutual benefit. A new report explores the key reasons behind partnerships, their frequency as well as key challenge areas faced by FinTechs and incumbents.”

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